How to Take Better Care of Your Furniture and Flooring With These Easy Tips

When you first decorate a room it can often feel like a part of a dream home. Everything is new, everything is shiny and everything is perfectly clean… it feels like you’ve made it!

But then after just a short amount of time your new décor uses that new sheen and your furniture starts to look worn and tired. Before you know it it’s time for another renovation and you wonder how you let it get so badly maintained so quickly.

Don’t feel bad: life has a habit of destroying furniture…

But if you want to enjoy that new look a little longer it can help to be smart about the way you look after your home. Read on and we’ll look at some of the easiest tricks and techniques you can use to keep your furniture and fittings looking their best for longer.

Use Coasters

This is just a very small thing, but if you want to keep your tables looking new then you need to stop standing drinks directly on the surfaces: especially those that are either wet or hot.

Doing this gets tricky though if you have to search for other places to stand things all the time: so just invest in a few coasters and scatter them liberally around the room to solve the problem.

And Mayonnaise…

If you do find rings on your surfaces though then don’t worry: there’s a good chance that it’s just inside the wax rather than on the surface itself. In this scenario you may be able to solve the problem by rubbing on a little maiyo.


And to ensure that the waxed surfaces stay looking their best all year round, make sure to wax them occasionally and to use natural rather than synthetic products when you do.


Another threat to everything from your carpet to your sofa is the sunlight. Not only can the heat from the sun warp your furniture, but it can also bleach the color out of any fabric. To solve the issue, think about where the sun will be coming through at various times of day and then find ways to block it as necessary.


Rugs can be highly beneficial in protecting your furniture and fittings. This is one way for instance that you can protect a carpet against sunlight. At the same time they can be used in high traffic areas to reduce trampling or they can be used in places that you eat in order to catch crumbs and make washing much easier.


Moisture can do a lot to damage your furniture and property in general. Too moist and you risk creating mold and warping your wooden furniture. Too dry though and you can create cracks in your things and make it unpleasant to breathe. Use a dehumidifier/humidifier as necessary, make sure you let fresh air circulate freely through your property, and pay careful attention to the temperature of your rooms and the water content of the air.

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