Do’s and Don’ts To Consider Before Buying Curtains

Decorating windows with lengthy curtains and drapes adds to the glamour and persona of the room. Without them, rooms would look dull and generic. A lifeless room can be transformed into a paradise with little creativity and right decorations.

Right furnishings and curtains are vital for the house. For this, you will have to think about the right material, texture, colour and budget. Before you head for the store to purchase curtains consider the following do’ and don’ts.


Colour & pattern – Do take time to think about the colour and pattern you need to apply. Curtains take vast quantity of visual space as well as impact the look of the room immensely.

Select colours that blend with room furnishing or carpet design. Blue is known for its calming effect while red radiates the opposite.

Striped curtains can make a small room appear large. Therefore, choosing colour and pattern is crucial to enhance the room’s splendour and elegance. It also brightens your mood.

Material – Do consider the material. Cotton is versatile, easy to clean while velvet is luxurious but can be heavy for some rooms.

Laces and sheers are graceful as well as light, but don’t provide privacy. Wool is heavy and strong to hold fringe and tassels.

Texture – Do consider the texture. Purchase a curtain, which has heat resistant texture. Less bright colour preserves the coolness, while reducing light intensity. Such setting helps your HAVC to perform efficiently and boosts your mood.

Lining – Do select line panels to control room temperature and amount of light to filter through. A thin cotton lining shields the fabric as well as allows some light.

More insulating lining allows keeping the home warm in winter and cooling in summer. Blackout lining is perfect for bedrooms as it stops the light to filter through.

Budget – Do consider your budget. It keeps you from indulging in buying expensive kardinad (curtains) without judging your family and home needs.


Size – Don’t hold back on size. The proportion of the curtains has to be generous that is double the size of window width even if you have to draw it all the time. Curtains that pool on the floor look elegant and rich.

For more clean and streamlined look, they can just touch the floor but never buy short ones. Drapes too short look truncated. It is wise to purchase long customized curtains and then get them hemmed.

Hardware – Never ignore hardware. The finials and curtain rods must match the material. Heavy drapes like velvet must be placed on large and decorative rods.

Alternatively, sheer and silk materials can sit on light and dainty rods. They need to match with something in the room.

Finials – Don’t forget the finials. These are small things fixed at the end of curtain rods giving it a finishing touch. Bear in mind that a grand room is connected with details.

All these aspects must be kept in mind when you go on a shopping spree for the right kind of curtains.

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