8 Factors to Check before Purchasing a Plot of Land in India

Buying a plot in India, especially in large cities has become increasingly difficult. Land buyers need to deal with steep prices, land sharks, cheating sellers, countless trips to government offices, documentation and all the in between men like brokers. Here are a few tips that will help make your life easy when you go on a property buying spree.

  • Location: Sit down with your family and discuss about the area you would like to target. You may have a fantasy of staying closer to the center of the city or even in close vicinity to a portion of the city with the best shopping centers. Be thoughtful enough of the needs of all your family members when picking the area. Don’t succumb to less evaluated land in out-skirts of the city.
  • Size of the area: Calculate the amount of area you might want to use as developed region. Think whether your fantasy house will fit into that land. Geology and soil are the two key elements that you ought to consider before purchasing a plot.
  • Type of area: Majorly two kind of areas exists, one is produced and the other un-created. Created area has all the offices like fitting sanitation, water supply and power supply. Though, when you pick un-created area you will need to get all the fundamental offices to it. Thus, pick carefully.
  • Check for “Title deed of the property”: Title deed of the property incorporates fundamental data like; name of the manager, area and other such points of interest. Being a purchaser you ought to request title deed papers to know complete data of the property.
  • Encumbrance endorsement: This authentication is accessible at the region sub-recorder’s office wherein the deed of the area is enrolled. This is imperative as this declaration will uncover the history of the property, if any. Likewise the historical backdrop of area exchanges can be known through confirming these testaments.
  • Value of area: Consult land specialists; know the accurate estimation of area as opposed to hurrying aimlessly. After all these starting checks are carried out, you can arrange on cost of the area.
  • Preparing records: Consult a backer or you can get the area archives prepared with the assistance of a record essayist (one who has a legislature permit). Verify that all the points of interest are precisely mentioned in the documents.
  • Property Tax receipts: Property expenses are first charge on property that is paid to government. So you need to make enquiry in government and metropolitan work places to guarantee whether all assessment has been paid as on date. You can request most recent expense receipt from holder. You can check whether any notices or demands are issued on property or any assessment due on the property. While you are checking property duty receipt, there are two segments in it. One is for holder’s name so confirm it and other is for tax payer.

These factors can be your check list when you try to buy a property in India.

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