Finding Cross Country Movers that Work for your Specific Situation

Moving across the country can include up to thousands of miles. The logistics of moving possessions over long distances can be quite challenging, thus it is imperative to conduct research before you pick a moving company. Decide on the moving services that are essential to you and make a comparison of their prices to find the right cross-country movers.

Deciding on the Right Services

Various moving companies will provide varying services. If you know beforehand the services that you need, it will not be difficult to make your final choice. As you budget your move, remember that the cost of your goods will not take into account labor and materials. The following are the services that moving companies provide.

  • Boxes- if you don`t have time to get free boxes form supermarkets, you can buy directly from a moving company from an additional cost.
  • Packing supplies- if you need packing supplies such as packing paper, moving blankets, or packing tape, find a moving company which offer such materials.


  • Packing Services- The majority of cross-country movers provide full-service moving options. This means that they also offer packing services.
  • TV crates- A number of moving companies provide special TV crates and other boxes which can allow for transportation of your expensive television safely and securely.


  • Long carries-A lot of moving companies will charge extra for a long carry service. Also, you may need shuttle service if your belongings will need to be shuttled to the moving truck.
  • Stair carries- If your cross-country move needs plenty of walking up and down stairs with very heavy furniture or boxes, a number of companies charge extra for such service. So ask about the cost before you choose a company.

Finding Cross-Country Movers

You can find good movers in the internet through directories and comparison sites. You will be asked to fill quote form so you can be linked to different dependable moving companies. Also, you can make use of recommendations from relatives, friends, colleagues, newspaper ads and local commercials. To find a reputable cross-country mover, narrow down your search to three companies and obtain estimates from them to compare prices. Do not base your decision on the amount every company charges. Usually, low quotes are related with moving scams. You need to weigh all the services of the company equally and come up with an informed decision that is best for your specific situation.

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