Planning to Have Your Windows Double-Glazed? What You Should Know

If you are planning to replace those old windows in your property with a more energy-efficient version, you may already have considered some important factors, such as the window frame material, the style of window you want, and the like. But aside from these crucial considerations, there are other factors to think about as well – which include the windows’ energy rating, the ventilation, and planning permission, among others.

mportant factors you should know when replacing your windows

The windows’ energy rating

Today, more emphasis is placed on energy efficiency than ever. And when it comes to windows, the energy rating plays a big role. You want windows which have a good energy rating from the BFRC. When you are looking for window manufacturers, for instance, you should make it a point to check their windows’ energy rating and make sure that they range from A to C and not D to G. This would mean that the entire window, which includes its glass and frame, is energy-efficient. Window suppliers and specialists such as The Window Store, for instance, (you can find out more about their products at  offer windows which have an energy rating of A, B, or C.

The windows’ ventilation

When replacing your old windows with new ones, you should also be aware that the new windows will often be more airtight, which could result in increased condensation. In this regard, you should look for energy-efficient windows which are also equipped with trickle vent frames that let in more ventilation.

Conservation areas and listed sites

Apart from the materials, the ventilation, the energy rating, and other considerations, you should also find out whether you live in a conservation area or not. If you are residing in or doing business in a conservation area, any type of work that you perform on your property should enhance or merely preserve the area’s original character. So when replacing your windows, you may want to acquire windows which can complement the original character and feel of the area or building (this basically means no ‘modern’ window styles). In order to have a better idea of replacing the windows in a conservation area, you should try to get in touch with your local area’s conservation officer.

If you are in a building which is listed, you may have to follow certain restrictions as well. If you have older sash windows in a period or historic property, for instance, these may actually be protected, so you have to confirm first whether these can be changed entirely or not, or can only have secondary glazing.

The good news is that more and more window firms specialise in double glazing for period buildings and historic properties, so you can take advantage of their services as well.

Finding the right window installer

Whilst there are many purported window installers and specialists in the UK, you must make sure to choose a window installer who is properly registered and updated with a Competent Person scheme. This is so you can be sure that they follow the standards of building regulations set by the government. Moreover, the right window installer will present you with a certificate once the job is done, which includes a statement that your new energy-efficient windows comply with all standards and regulations. If you choose a window installer who is not registered with a Competent Person scheme, however, you can still use their services provided you apply for approval on building control first.

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