A Comparison of the Different Materials Available for a Kitchen Worktop: Which is Best?

Your kitchen worktop can be said to be the central area in your kitchen – a place where you can work and cook and where the entire family can converge and eat their meals. This is why choosing the right worktop material is crucial – you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a kitchen worktop that is not practical, but you wouldn’t want a kitchen worktop that does not fit well with your kitchen style and design, either.

So what materials are highly recommended today? Well, there are plenty of them – from granite to marble to quartz, wood, and other composite materials. To give you a better idea of the qualities of each, it is best to learn more about them and then decide which one is the most suitable for your needs.


Granite is an incredibly popular material, especially for serious cooks in the kitchen. Not only is granite durable and tough, its cool surface is also great for those who like to dabble in baking. Another aspect that differentiates granite from other materials is the fact that since it is natural stone, each slab is unique. The colour and veining of one slab can be entirely different from the colour and veining of another. One tip: to make the most of a granite worktop and to ensure its longevity and durability, make sure that it is pre-sealed.


Even though quartz is a man-made material, it boasts of a variety of natural-looking hues and colours as well. Quartz is more consistent in its colouring than granite, and it is noted for being highly resistant to bacterial buildup as well. In addition, quartz is highly resistant to stains and scratches, although it is still best to always make use of a chopping board just to prolong the lifespan of your quartz kitchen worktop.


Marble is another natural stone kitchen worktop material that has gained plenty of aficionados through the years. As a worktop material, marble is prized for its abundance in colours and hues and its distinctive ‘marbling’, which makes it different from other materials around. However, marble needs proper care, so when you are having it installed, ask for tips and recommendations from an expert kitchen fitter and designer such as


If you want your kitchen to exude a natural cosiness and warmth, wood may be a good choice. There are also different types of wood to choose from, including oak, beech, and maple (for more traditional kitchen styles), and Iroko and bamboo for a more contemporary look and feel. Keep in mind, however, that wood can be quite difficult to maintain and is prone to staining as well. Wood kitchen worktops also require sealing and oiling, especially every quarter.

Additional tips

If you would like to have a more unique look for your kitchen, you can always choose to mix and match different materials. This will definitely add more depth and texture to your kitchen surfaces and the entire look of your kitchen, and it may even reduce your overall costs (very convenient if you are on a budget). Granite, for instance, can be paired well with wood for a more contemporary, elegant kitchen scheme and design. And lastly, always opt for the services of a professional fitter – even if you have a premium material such as granite, if it is not fitted well or is fitted badly, you may end up having a kitchen worktop that looks cheap and shabby. Take your time when having your kitchen worktop installed – rushing the job often ends badly.

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