GE Wireless Home Alarm Systems

When you are making an educated decision in regards to a wireless home alarm system, GE home alarm systems ought to be in your list to look at.

Full Disclosure

Allow me to say up front that I am not really a GE repetition nor will i represent any home alarm system supplier. I don’t make anything selling or buying GE products. I am a house owner — most likely exactly like you — who would like to evaluate which types of products GE offers. I wish to be aware of names that they are offered under and all sorts of benefits and features. Next, I’m able to make an educated decision concerning the best answer for me personally and my loved ones.

Now, in selecting a home alarm system, it might be that you may have no choice — you will need to go wireless. Possibly your house is not suitable to running hardwiring, or you’ll need a system that you could install yourself rapidly and simply. GE wireless home alarm systems are for sale to help you in achieving that goal.

One extremely popular option is the GE Simon 3 Wireless Home Alarm System.


This technique comes with an advanced technology inside a simple console design. It’s smaller sized and much more attractive than lots of units that came before it. And it is produced by Whirlpool, which means you can’t fail there.

The GE Simon 3 wireless home alarm system is really a self-contained unit comprised of (although not restricted to):

Lighting control center having a keypad

Control unit

Sounder or siren

It’s also expanding, utilizing a complete choice of add-on devices that provide you with a large amount of helpful functionality.


For instance, in case your children are of sufficient age to appear and disappear back and forth from school on their own, the GE wireless home alarm system includes a latchkey feature which enables you to definitely check, remotely, whether your kids have showed up home when needed.

Another advantage from the GE Simon 3 wireless home alarm system comes in the manner it handles a house invasion. If the invasion occurs (or other issue is recognized by among the sensors), the machine can dial-up to 3 different phone figures. Not just that — when you get the phone call, the machine will really speak with you having a synthesized voice and explain the issue. This provides you a choice of making the decision about how to proceed next — including disarming and manipulating the system over the telephone. Or, for those who have among the wireless remotes that’s available, you should use the handheld remote control to disarm the machine.

The GE Simon 3 wireless home alarm system can also be developed to call your security monitoring company too (together with a backup number just in situation).

Another options that come with the GE Simon 3 wireless home alarm system include:

The opportunity to monitor as much as 24 zones wirelessly (such as the capacity to create a couple of these hardwired).

It supports a 2-way rf speaking touchpad in addition to a hands-held rf touchpad and keychain touchpad.

When you’re programming the GE Simon 3 wireless home alarm system, it’ll use voice cues that support easy and quick programming.

It has a round-the-clock backup battery

…plus much more.

And on top of that, possibly, would be that the product is not so difficult to do-it-yourself.

The GE Simon 3 wireless home alarm system is broadly available to buy online or at the local hardware store or home electronics superstore. Prices start at around $200 and a few systems may even toss in a year’s price of home alarm monitoring — free of charge.


Again, I’m not a GE representative, nor will i make anything by recommending their goods. I am just stating that GE provides a complete type of excellent home alarm system products that you ought to consider when creating an educated decision concerning the security and safety of ones own and/or business.

Ara Rubyan isn’t an element of the home alarm system industry, nor does he sell home alarm systems, nor does he pretend to become a guru of any sort. Rather, he’s as if you: someone, an entrepreneur, and somebody who has been researching the to ensure that he might make an educated decision concerning the best home alarm system for his needs. Now, he’s invest his research (to date) in a single location and he’s discussing it along with you, nsa.

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