Factors To Consider When Getting a Builder For House Construction

The once booming construction in Northern Ireland has endured greatly throughout the recession putting increasingly more firms unemployed. With a few great construction firms in northern Ireland losing sight of business, it’s laid a way for that rogue traders. Cowboy builders really are a scourge from the construction industry with more than 10Thousand complaints annually. You might on first impression think you are receiving employment done cheap however a botched or incomplete job might cost you thousands over time.

How you can place rouge traders or cowboy builders?

1.) They often insist upon cash only deals and provide you with a great reduction having a large in advance deposit and say you are able to avoid having to pay vat.

2.) Provide a low quote and say its just to obtain the work(always get quotes with a minimum of 3 builders) before seriously thinking about any.

3.) They will not provide you with a company name or address they’ll avoid or alter the subject.

4.) Try to confuse you with terminology making everything appear over complicated. (If you do not know very well what a builder is suggesting you shouldn’t be afraid to inquire about, and when your still unsure obtain a second opinion.)

5.) Don’t provide any references or documents, (A reliable or legal builder are only happy to offer you happy customers and congratulations work, and documents is essential for insurance.)

6.) Not able to provide you with costs for materials etc simply because they say things might change.

7.) Usually wanting to start work immediately, (a great builder is generally a busy one)


To prevent many of these pitfalls their is really a Federation of master builders The Federation of Master Builders started within the United kingdom greater than six decades ago. It’s a trade association which was created to profit smaller companies, and also has developed into the biggest United kingdom trade association for that building industry. The FMB is wholly independent and it is a non-profit venture, created for the interests of their people.

The FMB supplies a network of recommendation and support because of its registered people, while offering current services to ensure that they’re in front of the building game. However, the presence of the Federation of Master Builders doesn’t just benefit its people. Membership can be obtained simply to individuals who consume a strict Code of Practice, meaning should you employ an FMB member you’re safeguarding the caliber of your projects or perhaps in an uncommon instance where you might be unsatisfied, there’s a completely independent body to examine your situation.

Code of Practice:

A structure contractor must renew his membership towards the FMB yearly, and should agree to stick to the Code of Practice provided by the Federation. This covers:

Planning – An FMB builder must provide impartial, professional advice, and should not quote on the ask that he/she’s virtually no time to complete. The builder should have the required insurance, and really should give a quote that states clearly what’s or perhaps is not incorporated through the cost. The FMB takes pride in its Plain British Contracts.

During – An FMB builder must honor your contract/agreement, and you informed of progress or any arising issues. Any materials which are used must meet your prior approval, and then any expense occurring should be agreed on paper. The builder must treat both you and your property based.

Completion – An FMB builder will brief yourself on guarantees/instructions and maintenance before departing, and should leave the website clean. An additional date ought to be arranged for any visit in situation any issues arise.

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