The Perfect Smoothie

Nearly everyone is doing what they can to get healthy. More people are exercising now than ever before; health food is selling better than it ever has. People are more conscious of the different ways the wrong food can harm them as well as ways to improve health through food and exercise. It seems like the current trend is for people to juice all of their food. Admittedly, the juicing trend has probably gone a little too far; however, there is great reason to think that they were on to an interesting concept. There are just some shortcomings to juicing.

Better than Juicing

When you put your food into a juicer, it extracts a lot of nutrients and leaves behind a lot of solid matter. That solid matter might be somewhat unappealing, but it is actually beneficial to your health. For the most part, that solid matter is the fibre of your fruits and vegetables. The food that’s the best for you is the food that is made of the toughest fibres. When you juice, you leave the fibre behind. Fibre is useful, though. Chiefly, it helps you digest other food more efficiently and absorb more nutrients. There are many recipes online for the fibrous pulp left behind by your juicer. Many people have started to incorporate it into homemade breads, pastas, or casseroles.An alternative to the juicer is a blender.

Blend Your Smoothie

To make a great smoothie, you need a great blender. Boss To Go blenders are an example of blenders that are specially designed to create great smoothies. When you’re trying to make a healthy smoothie, especially one involving leafy greens, you need a blender that is able to really chop the ingredients very fine. Leafy greens are very fibrous and if you don’t get those blended very fine, you’ll have unappetising fibres in your smoothie. You need a blender that spins its blades faster than the average blender and it needs to have more power than the average blender.


The fibres in fruits and vegetables aren’t the only consideration. A lot of smoothies are made with ice. Ice helps to cool the smoothie, create a nice granular texture, and add water. Also, ice acts as an abrasive that can help tear apart the fibres and cell walls of different fruits and vegetables while the smoothie is blending. However, you need a blender that is strong enough to break the ice down into tiny pieces. You don’t want to have big chunks of ice in your smoothie.

The Cup

The easiest way to drink your smoothie is to drink it directly from the cup in which you blended it. Pick a blender with a removable cup so that you can drink your smoothie to save washing extra dishes.

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