High Quality Pumps: Key to a Garden Water Feature

When property owners think about having a water feature in their gardens, they can generally ‘see’ what they want. They know how the pond and its surroundings should look. But as many people have discovered, there is much more to enhancing your property than removing the dirt, putting in a liner and filling the space with water.

That might be enough if you do not expect the pond to give you years of enjoyment. But it won’t do if you want to have colourful fish, healthy vegetation, and clear water on a consistent basis. For that you will need a quality pump and a good system for controlling the flow of water.

Keep It Sparkling

Even if your water feature or pond does not include a fountain or waterfall, you should talk with the experts about the pumps and piping you will need to maintain healthy, clear water. In this case, size matters. You may be able to get by with a small pump if your pond is small as well. But no matter what the size, you might want to consider getting the best pump, such as the Aquamax Eco Premium, from experienced suppliers near you.

Their representatives can help you with such factors as gallons per hour or litres per hour, which can be a key to having a successful pond. You should also be prepared to share details about your vision for the water feature, so that the experts can make suggestions and recommendations. Don’t be surprised if these knowledgeable individuals suggest a pump that is a bit larger than what you think you need.

It will not cost you a lot more to have this leeway, and the extra capacity may mean that your installation will be low maintenance over a long period of time. The staff members who work for these leading suppliers will also make sure that your system uses the correct piping size, to give you the proper water movement and filtration.


When you choose a high-quality pump from the range of sizes and designs offered, you can be certain that you will get efficient performance without overspending for the energy it takes to run your system. In the last few years, manufacturers have made important changes in motor design and impeller design that help you save on utility costs.

Combine this efficiency with the debris-handling ability of the best pumps on the market, and you will be well on your way to having the water feature you imagined. Among the important features included in these state of the art pumps are secondary inlet control and protection against damage due to blockage or dry conditions.

In addition, cold temperatures are less likely to affect these new pumps because of the patented frost protection. The many unique features mean that you, your family members, and your guests can enjoy the ambiance created by a well-designed and well-equipped water feature, with no stress and no worry. Contact your pump experts today and get your project started.

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