Roll in the Safety

Just as the name might suggest, a roller shutter is a shutter mounted above a door or window that is rolled up or down to protect against various circumstances. These trendy shutters were designed to offer the highest level of security against many levels of intrusion into a home or building. Whether you needed to renovate your home or just wished to have more control over the amount of sunlight let into a room, the choice to add these was the best choice you could have made.

Created with durable aluminium, these versatile shutters come equipped with an automatic locking feature to help reduce the chance of smashed or opened windows. Once locked into place, the shutter cannot be lifted unless the lock is released again. Potential burglars and would-be attackers are stopped in their tracks before they even have the chance to cause harm. Even their appearance has been shown to be enough to deter some ill-minded individuals.

Reduce Noise Pollution

In addition to security, the noise coming in and out of your home is reduced by as much as sixty percent with the installation of roller shutters. If you have a neighbour with a love of 6am mowing or a construction zone within earshot of your home, you stand to gain peace and quiet with the addition of these shutters. Children will sleep more soundly, and late-night movies can be enjoyed without the barking of the neighbouring dog.


If you live in the city, and the noise of cars and the local nightlife are your constant nightmare, you stand to gain even more than usual from these amazing shutters. Rather than allow the distractions to continue, you now have the option to press the metaphorical mute button on the outside world.

Save on Energy

What many homeowners do not realise is that much of a house’s heat is lost through the windows. These aluminium shutters further insulate your house against the harsh Australian sun and keep your home cooler for longer. The trick is found in the high density polyurethane used in their production, which can reduce heat and cold transfer by as much as ninety percent and reduce the running cost of your air conditioner by up to forty percent. With just a month of use, you start to feel a marked difference in the temperature of your home during the day. You even see the difference in your lower monthly energy bills.

In addition to saved money, you also reduce your carbon footprint when you use your air conditioner less often. In fact, the less you use your air conditioner, the better it is for the environment.

Sunlight Control

Finally, these shutters can be raised and lowered to any level you desire, allowing just the right amount of sunlight to filter into your home. These aluminium shutters can block all sunlight with ease. Therefore, you have complete control over how dark a room can get during the day, and with that control you can calm a sleeping baby, watch a movie undisturbed, and much more. Take part in this rising trend and never look back at your old window blinds again.

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