Safety Tips for Using A Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to Vacupro vacuum cleaners, most people don’t immediately worry about safety. Sure, these convenient machines are deliberately designed and made to be safe, but accidents happen not because things go exactly as planned, but because unexpected variables can interfere with your plans.

Yes, even with a vacuum cleaner. 

Or, rather, carelessness and improper use can dramatically increase the likelihood of danger and accidents.  Here are a few safety tips to ensure that you get the most out of your vacuum cleaner and reduce the potential for risk to your family, in your home.

 #1) Carrying the Vacuum Cleaner by the Cord

It may seem obvious but many household accidents come as a result of faulty cords; and many cords become faulty because people pull on them when they shouldn’t. Honestly, you should never carry any appliance (or electronic device) by the cord. In addition, though, make sure that when you remove the plug from the wall that you pull from the plug end and not from the cord itself.

#2) Use a Proper Extension Cord

Another thing that may seem obvious but is commonly overlooked is the extension cord. If you have to use an extension cord with your vacuum cleaner, make sure that it is also a proper one.  In fact, not ever extension cord is suitable for the power of a vacuum cleaner, so make sure that the cord is not only in good condition, but suited for a vacuum cleaner or you could face electrical problems.

#3) Prevent Tangling

All vacuum cleaners work through suction, of course, but the real effort comes in the form of the brush roll which collects dust, dirt, and debris so the suction can pull the elements into the canister or bag.  While the job of the vacuum is to collect things from the carpet or floor—including the long things that can tangle—try to avoid vacuuming too many of these things.  Or, rather, make sure that you check the brush roll after every vacuum to remove anything that could be tangled in the brush roll, or it could burn out and cause other issues in the future.

4) Indoor vs Outdoor

Vacuum cleaners designated as outdoor are specifically designed for that; and the same is true for indoor vacuums.  Similarly, never use a dry vacuum on a wet surface.  Doing so can not only ruin your vacuum but can put you in danger.

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