Expand the Space of Your Commercial Shop, Café, Bar, or Restaurant

Often, property owners are confused or uncertain about how best to utilise their outdoor space. Property owners need a way to provide shade or protection from the elements that can be altered as frequently as the changes in Melbourne’s famous weather. To this end, commercial property owners should consider folding arm or retractable awnings.

Additional Benefits for Commercial Spaces

While folding arm awnings offer wonderful benefits for residential homeowners, installing one at a shop, café, restaurant, or other commercial place of business can really open up and expand the space of such places as well. Installation of an awning allows a bar, café, or restaurant owner to expand seating and dining options to outdoor spaces. The additional tables allow the establishment to seat more people during each shift, which increase sales and revenue. This is accomplished without moving to a larger space or changing the configuration of the venue.

One important thing for a restaurant, bar, or café owner to consider before installation of an awning, whether in front or back of the interior space, is if a council license for outdoor seating or infringement on the footpath is required. Often, owners need to apply for a special permit to have outdoor seating. This is particularly true when that seating is in front of the venue. It is beneficial to apply for, and receive the permit, before an awning is installed.

Great for Shops and Boutiques Too

While it seems that a restaurant, bar, or café would receive the most financial benefits from installation of an awning, a shop or boutique owner should not discount the potential impact of a well-designed and installed awning on for his or her business. First, an awning can prominently display the name, address, and other relevant information of the shop or boutique. This is another way to market the shop and draw attention of shoppers.

Second, an awning can make the shop inviting and colourful. It is a great way to add character to the outside of a shop and add splashes of colour to a bland building front. Third and finally, the awning can help a shop owner regulate the temperature within the store and protect merchandise from direct sunlight. This will allow the shop to keep merchandise and interior décor looking good as new from season-to-season.

Providing for Patrons and Property Owners

Patrons love to sit outside when the weather is warm and sunny; however, on these days the bright sunshine can be tough on eyesight or overly warm. This causes the pleasant outdoor seating to become uncomfortable. With an awning, regardless of bright sunlight, rain, or even wind, this outdoor seating will have some protection and be a better experience for the patrons.

A folding arm or retractable awning is also in the best interest of commercial property owners. Unlike permanent roofing or coverings, an awning can be closed overnight or during inclement weather. This allows the awning to last longer and require less repairs or maintenance. There is less risk of damage from strong wind or a torrential downpour, and the property owner does not need to worry about vandalism or other harm during hours when the shop, café, bar, or restaurant is closed.

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