Access Equipment – Solutions for Construction Projects

Construction projects range in size from minor commercial and residential projects on which a small number of tradespeople apply their areas of expertise to large-scale constructions projects, which could be either commercial or residential, which require hundreds of tradespeople and labourers.

The requirements of different construction projects, therefore, vary greatly, so the access solutions required will also vary greatly from project to project. What that means, is that construction companies need to be able to access the access solutions they require for each project they work on quickly and at cost-effective rates.

The issue for many construction companies in this regard, is sourcing the right equipment hire company to hire access equipment from when they’re operating in a different part of the country from which they’re based. For example, if a construction company was based in Edinburgh and they secured a contract to build a block of flats in Glasgow, where would they hire the access equipment from?

Fortunately, there are many reputable providers of access equipment in Glasgow to hire access equipment from, including booms and spider lifts, when you use a top online business directory, one which provides you with access to a myriad of reputable hire companies with a few clicks of a mouse. Here’s a quick look at some of your options when hiring access equipment for a construction project.

Boom Lifts – Versatility

By far one of the most versatile access solutions a company can arrange with a leading local equipment hire company, boom lifts are available in three different varieties to suit the access requirements of most construction and related projects. These are telescopic, articulating and trailer mounted boom lifts. Some of the many benefits these access solutions provide include:

  • Compact design – These lifts are commonly used indoors as they can be manoeuvred easily about indoor worksites, for example, shopping centres and large apartment complexes.
  • Light weight – Once again, boom lifts are perfect for indoor work as their light weight means they won’t damage flooring materials, like tiles.


Available in a wide range of working heights to suit the requirements of all projects, boom lifts are a great choice.

Spider Lifts – Stability

Spider lifts are also highly versatile, but they offer a different kind of versatility to boom lifts. Unlike boom lifts which have wheels, spider lifts have tracks and use stabilisers to hold the lift in place. This makes them highly stable and secure, but they’re also very popular for indoor work as they place minimal pressure on flooring materials. Spider lifts are commonly used for window washing.

Scissor Lifts – All-Rounders

A great choice for indoor and outdoor work (not only construction jobs but also maintenance work), scissor lifts are easily manoeuvred around indoor and outdoor environments, making them highly versatile. These lifts are also very quiet to operate, which is why they’re a common sight indoors.

In conclusion, there are access solutions which are perfect for all construction projects, including the three discussed here – boom lifts, spider lifts and scissor lifts. Hiring the right access solution has many benefits, so make sure you hire the right solution for your next project.

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