Expanding Your Patio Year-Round

Your patio is one of the best places for you to entertain your guests and family. It provides a place for someone who wants to smoke if you don’t allow smoking in your home as well as for loud music and other things you might want to keep outside. Additionally, you can grill outside without having to worry about the smoke and fumes. Many people actually like to roast their own coffee on their patios, which is another incredibly smelly and smoky endeavour. A patio gives you the opportunity to enjoy your home without having to worry about smoke and soot. However, if you do not have a cover over your patio, it can be very uncomfortable during the hottest summer months and the coldest winter months. During the summer, the sun can get to a point that it makes your patio unbearable. During the winter, the temperature is just very difficult to regulate. A patio cover will help you both in the summer and winter if you know what you are trying to accomplish.

Patios During the Summer

Patios during the summer are typically the sites of grilling and outdoor parties. They also give you a place to sit and relax while absorbing natural light. Research has shown that natural light is incredibly effective for lifting your mood. Sunlight has psychological as well as physiological benefits for you. The mere act of sitting out in the sunshine will help lift your spirits and it also helps to spark the creation of enzymes that actually make you calmer and happier. However, that can be a double-edged sword. If you are not careful, it can get too hot. Retractable roof systems in Melbourne give you the opportunity to enjoy the outside without having to worry too much about the sun.

A retractable awning is great for when the sun is very bright. You can roll out your awning and block some or all of the sunlight. The choice of how much sunlight to block comes down to the material. Certain materials that are completely opaque will form total shade for your awning. That shade will reduce the temperature by several degrees, especially in areas that are more humid than others. On the other hand, if you only want to reduce the light somewhat, you can choose a more translucent awning. The awnings also help you during the summer because they reduce the impact of those sudden summer showers that can spring up. If you can retract the awning, you can quickly open it up when the rain starts.

Patios During the Winter

Patios during the winter are prone to becoming too cold. While an awning will not increase the temperature of your patio, it makes it easier to adjust the comfort level. If you have an awning over your patio paired with some outdoor heaters, you can keep your patio comfortable year-round. Outdoor heaters are designed with hoods to direct the heat down towards you and your guests but heat still rises. If you have an awning over your patio, that heat will be blocked from completely dissipating.

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