Are you a renter from a foreign land? Here are some useful tips for you

Unaware of the fact that finding a rented flat in India is a cumbersome task, Mr. Nissan from the USA landed in India to film a documentary on various monuments of Hyderabad. The project was to be submitted after three months and thus, Nissan made ‘looking for a room for rent in Hyderabadhis priority. He approached many in the same endeavor but he was either tricked by them or there were those who wanted to drill a big hole in his pocket. However, with hook or crook, he finally found a place on rent.

But not every visitor to India from a foreign land is as lucky as Mr. Nissan. Thus, if you have landed here in India from a foreign land and planning to stay here on rent, here are some amazing tips for you.

  • Search for the online listings

After the finalization of the city where you wish to settle down, make sure to search for online listings of the different apartments which are available for rent. Read through the reviews posted by the previous tenants about the property to gain an insight about the property in consideration. Look through the pictures available online to gain an idea about the interiors of the rented flat. However, you should not fully rely on the online data. Make sure to verify the information through personal visits.

  • Discover the neighborhood

Every great city has an iconic neighbourhood. Make sure to roam in the neighbourhood to understand the class of people who resides nearby. This way, you will get to understand the problems the neighbours face and what they feel about the location of the apartment. Make sure to stroll downstairs to know what kind of shops, markets and other basic amenities are present in the vicinity.

  • Narrow down your priorities

Set the records straight, the amenities you were having at your disposal at your country land might not be present here. So, don’t over expect. You first need to narrow down your expectations and focus on the priorities. First set certain parameters in terms of the size of the apartment, the decor of the house, the level of privacy, etc. and then churn your search for a rented apartment in accordance with these parameters.

  • Know and stick to the budget

Set a budget for rental and then look for the rented apartment that falls within that specified range. Mr. Nissan had a budget of INR 10,000 per month for a decent room for rent in Hyderabad and the same budget helped him narrow down certain options and finalize one of them.

  • Trust Only After a Thorough Research

There are a plethora of brokers and property dealers in India available both offline and online. However, there are few who are not licensed or verified to undertake the job. Thus, in order to identify and keep them at bay, make sure to undertake an extensive research. You can take the help of locals to guide you properly in this regard.

From hot spots to hot neighbourhoods, take a note of the above-mentioned points to make your search an easy one.

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