Fireplace Gas Burners: How to Select the Right One

Fireplaces are synonymous for warming up any space with a glow and ambience like no other. There are many options on the market today for both inside and outside spaces but fireplace gas burners are one of the best choices for any home, room and decor. However, fireplaces offer more than just ambience. They offer energy efficiency, comfort control and allow you to customize to your specific needs. Here are some things to consider when selecting a fireplace gas burner:

  1.  What type of Vent: It’s always recommended to check local codes to make sure you are purchasing a fireplace gas burner with the appropriate vent. There are three types, direct vent, natural vent or vent free. Direct vent fireplaces are factory-manufactured and feature sealed doors and are battery operated blowers reducing electricity costs. Oxygen from the outside goes through a single pipe and the exhaust exits through a separate pipe. These styles make it possible for your gas fireplace to be installed in any room of your home, unlike others. Natural Vent styles are traditional fireplaces that take the oxygen out of the room and exhausts through a flue usually that usually exits out the roof. Vent-free styles or ventless fireplaces are great for offering additional heat. No vents are needed making them the least expensive and convenient for any room in the home.
  2.  Are There Any Local Code Restrictions. Before you purchase or install a fireplace, check to see if there are specific codes that must be followed regarding venting, fuel types and vent systems. There may also be efficiency, installation and other requirements. Purchasing a permit may also be required. It might be advantageous to consult a professional contractor or supplier to assist you in your fireplace purchase.
  3.  What Type Of Fuel Will You Use? A gas fireplace will either run on natural gas or propane both efficient fuels. Natural gas is a cleaner fossil fuel than propane but both fuels are odorless and friendly to the environment. Different locations offer different types of fuel and it is important to know what is available.
  4.  What Is Your Decor Style:  Gas fireplace burners are available in a endless variety of styles and can make a big difference in the look of any room. There are styles featuring realistic looking logs, colorful broken glass, natural stones and a host of ever changing options. Some styles are traditional, some are contemporary and some are one of a kind designs. Consider creating a budget so your gas fireplace burner not only fits into your decor, but also your wallet.


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