The Many Benefits of Regular HVAC System Maintenance

majority of homes in the United States, especially the warmest areas in America, use central air conditioning systems, rather than window AC units and portable fans. At least three-quarters of domestic homes in every region outside of the Northeast use central air conditioning because it’s effective and more efficient than window-mounted units. Unfortunately for homeowners, central cooling systems are expensive to install and replace, with most units costing between $3,000 and $4,000. They also depend on lines of ductwork spread throughout crawl spaces, attics, walls, and floors, which typically cost more than $2,000 for installation.

As you see, HVAC systems are expensive. Rather than replacing ductwork, HVAC units, or other equipment, performing regular maintenance on HVAC units and their systems’ components is cost-effective, relatively easy to perform, and can help safeguard your family’s health. Let’s peer into the many benefits of regular HVAC system maintenance and how it can help your home’s — and your pocketbook’s — well-being.

Increases energy usage efficiency

HVAC systems filter through immeasurable volumes of air every day. They use air filter screens in both the HVAC unit itself and inside homes’ exhaust vents. When HVAC units, ductwork, vents, and filters are maintained, debris is removed. This decreases drag caused by debris in purveying air around homes, reducing homeowners’ electricity bills. Not only can it help lighten the load on your pocketbook, it’s also more environmentally friendly.

Less dust spread around your home

While your home becomes more energy efficient, it also spreads less dust around as a direct result from regular maintenance. This makes it easier to clean bookshelves, tables, and knick-knacks. Sweeping is also easier, as less dust is spread around floors, meaning homeowners don’t have to clean as often.

Fewer allergic and asthmatic reactions

Dry climates often have loads of pollen that float around airways, unable to stick to many surfaces thanks to a lack of moisture. Duct cleaning in Phoenix helps reduce allergic reactions to pollen and other foreign irritants. Doing so literally removes the chemical culprits of allergic reactions and asthmatic flare-ups.

Can save your family members’ lives

HVAC systems that aren’t maintained often have loads of dust and debris. This causes them to run less efficiently, becoming hotter than necessary in attempting to operate normally. Increases in temperature can cause system failures, or — far, far worse — home fires. Regular maintenance helps reduce the risk of HVAC-related residential fires.

Cheaper than paying for emergency repairs

If your HVAC unit fails in the middle of summer, your family members are likely to get angry, irritated, and even at risk of health problems due to overheating. This necessitates emergency repairs, costing far more than regularly-scheduled repairs. Maintenance is more convenient than finding emergency service providers, to boot.

Central air conditioning systems are effective. They help families live more rewarding, relaxing, and healthy lives. However, they’re also expensive. As such, it makes more sense to regularly maintenance your HVAC system rather than responding to air conditioning failures after the fact.


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