Energy consumption comparison of Ceiling fans with and without lights

The ceiling fan is the most budget-friendly cooling option for the people all over India. It is not possible to bear with the sticky summers without the use of ceiling fans. With the increase in global warming in the last decade, the temperatures all over the world have been soaring high. This has forced the people to resort to the use of the air conditioners. But as summers kick in you must surely be worried about the high electricity bills too. It would not be surprising if we tell you that an air conditioner consumes around 3500 watts of energy which is almost 60 times of that consumed by a ceiling fan. From the above-stated fact, it is quite clear that even if you switch off your AC for half hour a day you can save a huge amount of energy.

A wide variety of ceiling fans are available in the market. Ceiling fans come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and colours. The price of the ceiling fans also varies in accordance with the variety and mechanism used in the working of the fan.

Some ceiling fans with the lights in them, others are without the lights. There are many variants in the fans that come with lights. Some of them can be operated with a remote; others are pull chain type or have a switch to turn the fan off or on. The existence of a large variety of ceiling fans makes it difficult for the customers to understand the working and the repair mechanism of each one of them.

People tend to buy the ceiling fans with lights installed on them. These fans give an antique look to the room. They are also quite bulky and heavy and require proper maintenance and cleaning so as to preserve their look and antiquity for long. You’ll find a wide range of collection of these fans with lights on the websites like,,, etc. Explore them and buy a fan that suits your home interiors.

The lights on a ceiling fan work in the same way as the lights function. The only difference lies in the manner of the connection of the wires. In a ceiling fan with light, the wires are routed through the fan and then they are connected to the main wiring. The light can then be controlled either by a pull switch or with the help of a remote.

The fans which have lights installed on them consume more energy than those without lights. The lights connected to the fan consume extra power. It is advised by the environmentalists that until and unless it is very important for you to use the fans with lights you should not use them. They add an extra burden on the carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.

While setting your home you may be looking for a large number and variety of ceiling fans. It becomes quite confusing to take the decision which fan to buy and which to leave. Many times you might get attracted by the looks of the fan but in the long-term, these fans may not be that useful. Later you regret your decision. It is always advised by the experts to buy the fans after seeing the BEE star label on it. This will give you a guarantee of the performance of the fan and you’ll be satisfied with the working. Read here about the best energy efficiency power saving ceiling fans with lights.


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