Cold Pressed Juice: Is It Really Healthy or Just a Hype?

Cold pressed juicing is a new and innovative way of juicing fruits and vegetables. It is believed that this way of juicing the fruits and vegetables allows more nutrients and juice to be squeezed out of them. Therefore, many believe that cold pressed juice is healthier than normal juice. It is true that more nutrients and juice comes in a cold pressed juice as compared to normal juice and this does make the juice healthier. Here are a few facts that would clarify whether cold pressed juice is really healthy or just a hype:

  • It Retains More Fibres and Nutrients:

In conventional juicers, the fibres and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables get oxidised as a lot of heat is generated during their function. This is because conventional juicers have a high speed spinning mechanism for juicing. When it comes to a cold pressed juicer, there is little to no heat generated. This keeps all the fibres and nutrients intact. If a juice has more nutrients and fibres, it obviously is healthier. This clearly proves that cold pressed juice is really healthy.

  • More Juice Is Produced by Cold Pressed Juicing Technique:

Conventional juicers use either crushing or pressing techniques to juice the vegetables and fruits. A cold press juicer, on the other hand, uses both pressing and crushing. The vegetables and fruits get crushed first. This extracts most of the juice. Once the crushing technique is complete, the fruits and vegetables are pressed. The pressing of vegetables and fruits give out all the leftover juice with the rest of the nutrients, thus making it even healthier.

  • It Stays Fresh for Long:

Fresher juice is obviously healthier. Cold pressed juice is thicker and has higher concentration of fibres. This keeps the juice fresh for longer duration. You can have cold pressed juice after a day or two and it would still have the same health benefits as freshly cold pressed juice. Therefore, this proves that cold pressed juice is actually healthier.

  • Cold Pressed Juice Is Less on Calories:

When you have juice at restaurants or juice that is juiced by conventional techniques, it has higher levels of sugar and other caloric substances. Cold pressed juice has more nutrients and fibres.Since cold pressed juice is high in fibres, the calories that you take in are used up in breaking down these fibres. Due to this, there is very less extra calories and that makes cold pressed juice the perfect juice for health-conscious individuals. You can enjoy tasty and delicious juice without worrying about it getting accumulated as extra fat in your body.

  • Easily Digestible:

Cold pressed juice has high concentration of nutrients and fibres and because of the liquid nature of this juice, the nutrients and fibres directly get into the bloodstream with ease. For normal juices, sometimes they contain pulp and that has to be digested properly before it can be added to the bloodstream. Therefore, cold pressed juice is clearly healthier as compared to normal juice.

All these health benefits show that cold pressed juice is a healthier choice. Therefore, it is not a hype that cold pressed juice is healthy. Rather, it is a fact! So, it’s time to invest in a good cold pressed juicer like Kent.

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