5 Signs You Should Invest in Metal Detector Hire

Have you lost an expensive item such as jewellery or a coin? If so you may need a metal detector. Metal detectors can help you find a variety of pieces including gold, silver, copper and more. You can also use your metal detector to find treasures that have been lost throughout time. A metal detector is useful and can become a fun hobby.

What is a Metal Detector?

A metal detector allows you to scan the ground for items you cannot see. The detector can see through mineralised soils to find a variety of things includingiron, copper, aluminium, gold, tin, silver, lead, bronze, brass and nickel. There are metal detectors available to rent across all price range, you will pay more for the detector that tells you what material an item is.

Where Can You Use a Metal Detectors?

You can use your metal detector in a variety of places. If you are not searching on your own property you must get permission to use the detector and to dig on public or private land. You can check with the local government, websites and more to see if you have permission or you can ask for it. The most popular detector spots are usually:

  • Your Yard
  • Parks
  • Woods
  • Beaches
  • Private Land

There are lots of places to go metal detecting in NZ!

Benefits of Metal Detector Hire

Before you splash your cash and buy a new metal detector, you should first consider hiring one. A hired metal detector can let you try the fun activity first or it can be used as a one off to find something lost. Some of the benefits include:

  • Find Lost Items – Say you were in the back yard and maybe you lost a ring or a coin. Simply use the metal detector to find your lost item.
  • Cost – Instead of buying an expensive metal detector you could just hire one instead. That way you can enjoy using it and then give it back when you’re finished.
  • Choice – If you rent a metal detector you will have a variety of models to choose from. This means you can try out a few different ones. Having a choice also means if you do not like a model you can give it back and you won’t be stuck with a bought metal detector.
  • Hobby – Just heard about metal detecting? Then rent one instead of buying one. This can act as a trial to see if you enjoy the hobby or not. You can try out a few different ones and then decided if it is the hobby for you.
  • Make Money – When using a metal detector, you may find hidden gold treasures that can earn you some extra cash. Many people have made money from selling items they have found with a metal detector.

There are many companies offering hiring service. Look around in local areas in New Zealand to see if you can hire a metal detector. You will have plenty of models to choose from with metal detectors NZ.

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