Here’s Why Your Home Definitely Needs an Inverter AC

No, an inverter AC doesn’t run on an inverter, nor will it works when you have an electricity problem. It uses what is called the Inverter Technology. While new in the market, at least the Indian market, inverter air conditioners are effective and have been in demand since first launched. If you want to buy inverter AC for your home, we bet you need to know some of the facts listed below.

The basic difference

By now, you probably know that every air conditioner has a compressor motor. In case of normal ACs, the compressor unit starts at a high speed, when switched on, to cool the room. As the desired temperature is set, the compressor stops and restarts, as the room temperature increases. In short, the compressor has a fixed speed. In case of an inverter AC, the compressor runs on a variable speed. Even when the set temperature is achieved, it doesn’t shut off but keeps running a minimal speed. This, in turn, offers a number of additional benefits that inverter ACs are now known for.

Should you buy an inverter AC?

If you are concerned about energy bills, then yes, you need an inverter AC. There is no denying that inverter ACs are expensive. As compared to traditional air conditioners, the upfront cost is pretty high. However, these new systems almost 30% less electricity, and therefore, the savings can be huge, especially if you intend to use AC continuously during the summers. With low energy consumption, inverter ACs are also better as far as the planet is concerned. In general, inverter ACs are known to have a longer life, lower operational costs and lesser repair requirements. These are also more efficient in cooling a room, and the noise of any inverter AC is almost nil.

Things to look for

First things first, check if the brand is a known one. On any given day, a LG inverter AC will work better than a local name. Also, you must consider the regular parameters that are associated with air conditioners. For example, what’s the cooling capacity? What is the energy-star rating? What kind of coil has been used? Does the brand offer considerable aftersales support? What’s the warranty on the product, and is it possible to extend the same?

If you want to find best deals on inverter ACs, check the online stores, many of which offer free installation and other services. You can also expect to get great discounts on the retail price, which are likely to be better than what you would get from a local retailer. Compare your choices and switch to inverter ACs – you will thank us later for the amount of savings you have on energy bills.

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