Some Tips For Using THC Oil

 If you’ve finally begun to seriously consider the medicinal validity of the cannabis plant, you might be interested in something called THC oil. Now, to recap, we should all know that THC is the psychoactive molecule in cannabis which creates the feeling that is loved and adored by millions across the globe. If you’ve been using CBD oil for a while now but haven’t had as much success with it as you would like, then THC is a very valid next step, but tread lightly. CBD oil products might not get you high to any extent, but even the weakest and most diluted THC oil products can create a strange mental buzz that can easily be a bit freaky for anybody who hasn’t smoked in a long time, or ever. If you’re thinking about purchasing medicinal cannabis oil with THC in it because CBD just isn’t cutting it, here’s a couple tips to keep in mind.

    Greening Out Is No Fun


    Everybody and their grandmother knows that no one in recorded history has ever died from just consuming cannabis. That being said, ‘greening out’ is closest thing to a cannabis overdose that a person can experience. It won’t kill you, but can quite easily make you wish you were dead. Greening out is different for everyone and might result in vomiting, dry heaving, panic attack, cold sweats, paleness, auditory or visual hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and so many more fun side effects. Most people who smoke pretty regularly could take a solid dose of THC oil without concern of this happening, but if you don’t usually smoke, be careful! If you have never smoked, or have not in a long time, take very small doses of THC oil to begin with, and slowly work your way up. Always wait at least two hours between doses to see if the effects kick in, or you might end up compounding your high way beyond what you can handle.

    Don’t Use It On Your Pets!


    This may seem really obvious for a lot of people, but you’d be surprised. THC oil can be very potent and create a very strange mental space when consumed by humans, so just imagine what it might do to a small cat or dog brain. There have been loads of cases of people gaining great pain relief from their medicinal cannabis products without getting too stoned, so they go ahead and try to treat their pet’s problems with it too. Don’t do this. Always consult a professional.

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